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If it's straight down the line, fist-shaking, blistering rock you're looking for, then it's Sydney's Asteroid B-612 you need - no-frills, stripped back rock 'n' roll songs drenched in raunchy beats, hooky tunes and gritty passion.

Their debut album, Not Meant For This World was recorded in April 1996, and features 11 tracks filled with desperation, pathos, anger and all the power and energy of the band's live performance. But more to the point, it's honest rock 'n' roll.

Asteroid B-612's reputation on the live front is one of power and total volume. If you know Birdman, MC5, Blue Oyster Cult, New York Dolls, et al, you know what's going down here. Go a round with Asteroid B-612.

Teen Sublimation Riffs CD EP
Not Meant For This World LP/CD
September Crush CD EP