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New York's Chrome Cranks kick things along in their own down and dirty style. Combining compelling, sparse blues with a howlin' wall of noise guitar clatter, the Chrome Cranks' goal is to drive and demolish.

This is music with true grit, deep fire and a flag waving salute to those who have explored the depths of soul-fire music and come out scathed, torn and screaming.

The band has excellent musical foundations, with members treading the boards in The Honeymoon Killers, Sonic Youth, The Action Swingers, Pussy Galore and more. This is sweaty, sexual swamp rage with a bloodline of blues and an echo of psychobilly.

When the Chrome Cranks go at it, you just know that you're having a face to face with some of the most searing musical mayhem around.

Peter Aaron vocals, guitar
William Weber guitar
Jerry Teel bass
Bob Bert drums
Self Titled EP
Way Out Lover 7"
Love In Exile LP
Dead Cool CD/LP