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For the last four years, Electric Frankenstein have been recording and playing selective shows in the New York area. Recieving international acclaim for their exciting brand of punk rock and roll, their intensity is comparable to such bands as The Avengers, The Damned, The Misfits, Germs, Black Flag, Weirdos, The Dead Boys and The Stooges. Electric Frankenstein are here to help revitalize the corpse of rock and roll and save it from the boredom of "alternative" music.

Having already released their music on labels such as Demolition Derby, Mint Tone, Frisbee, Exit, Junk, American Punk, Get Hip, Kado, One Louder, V&V, Intensive Scare, Dwell and Estrus, Electric Frankenstein have now made their debut on Au Go Go Records. The Monster EP features four tracks, including a version of Savage by Australia's own Fun Things and Queen Wasp by The Misfits.

NY Press selected Electric Frankenstein as "The Best Punk Band In NYC", they have been the Number One band on Belgian, Finnish and Swedish national radio, and they have also been in the Top 10 of many American college and commercial radio stations.

Rik L Rik vocals
Jim Foster lead guitar
Sal Canzonieri rhythm guitar
Dan Canzonieri bass
John Steele drums
E F Theme 7"
Sweet Sickness7"
Electrify Me
Get Off My BackLP/CD
New Rage
The Time Is Now 10"
The Time Is Now CD
Conquers The WorldLP
Action High LP/CD
Spare Parts LP/CD
Listen Up Baby 10"