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Since their inception in late 1994, The Hellacopters have wiped the international punk floor. Critics swooned at their early singles, and they have built a worldwide cult following for their high-intensity rock spread.

In their home country of sweden, The Hellacopters have achieved near-pop status, selling close to 20,000 copies of each of their albums and winning a swedish Grammy award for best Hard Rock Act in 1997. Who would have guessed the appeal for obnoxious rock and roll would be so huge?

Nick Royale - guitar/vox
Kenny - bass
Robert - drums
Boba Fett - keys
Chuck Pounder - guitar
Killing Allan 7"
(Gotta Get Some Action) Now! 2 x 7"
Supershitty To The Max LP/CD
Payin' The DuesLP/CD
Split 7" (w/ Electric Frankenstein)
Looking At You 7"
Hey!7"/CD EP