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Who has a bass player whose jeans are so tight he dislocates his knee on stage, and is then invited for an impromptu jam by world surfing champion Tom Curran, to be further joined and confused by a rapper and a didgeridoo player?

Who tours Europe on one domestically released single, and when their drummer takes his sticks and goes home, traipses on unfettered for two months, having suckered the services of two different Dutch drummers?

Who plays a "talent proving" gig alongside the likes of The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Mark Of Cain and The Cosmic Psychos, that has to be abandoned after less than ten minutes because the bass player is too rat-arsed to stand up and play a bum note, let alone a correct one?

Who else can turn an overworked, hackneyed stage antic such as getting your gear off into a new phenomenon simply because his pecker's the size of a peanut?

John vocals, guitar
Richard bass, vocals
Jaws drums
Beergut 7"
Get Shitfaced With The Onyas CD
Six CD
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