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The Tomorrow People create the rarest of things; music which makes you feel good. The air tastes sweeter, the sun shines brighter and infinitely hummable tunes dance in your mind.

Don't compare them to Link's ex-group, The Meanies - "the music's oceans apart", he says. The Tomorrow People are more like a pierced Paul Simon singing Mrs. Robinson with a blocked nose - or maybe it's Husker Du tooling with Latin American jazz instruments on the party deck of The Love Boat.

No matter what exotic, oddball fantasy this band evoke for you, shamelessly melodic, lovingly crafted punk pop songs are back, and they're schmaltzier than ever.

Don't be surprised when cheesy, muted trumpet blasts fill the air - it's all part of the Tomorrow People's diabolical plan to recreate the days when bachelors had pads, and velevet covered everything.

Lindsay McLennan guitar, vocals
Sean Grupetta drums
Nick Cicer bass

PROOF single (1997)
SHINING album (1997)
BLOODSUCKEE single (1997)