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Kick out the kegs, brothers and sisters! Straight outa Calgary, Canada, das barons auf der beer barrel beat, The Von Zippers, are here to shake some achtung!

Ist time to talk about the family The von Zippers, und their loud werkstaff punken musik!

Clad in the traditional garb of WW1 field marshalls, The Von Zippers offer a tanked up distorted twist on the world of garage punk. These tune tumblers of trench warfare turn up a selection of fantastic amperage on their organ-soaked 'n' stompin' eight tracker Wow 'em Down At Franzl's. The Von Zippers pay homage to the UK with covers of The Damned and The Anti Nowhere League.

The Von Zippers' official debut was on Au Go Go's On Guard For Thee, a compilation of Canadian bands from 1996. Wow 'em Down At Franzl's is their first LP.

Get down to this wild volksrocken sonic skirmish and join in the beer hall antics of this fine unit. Bless their pointy little helmets!

Wow 'Em Down At Franzl's LP/CD