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Emerging from the arsehole of the universe (Geelong) some six years ago, Warped have made quite a name for themselves.

Treading the line between parody and serious rockism, these three young lads (average age 21) set the rock world ablaze with their debut album Slimeax in 1995. Their second, ...and then some is seven songs of gut wrenching, angst inspired songs.

Still based in "Geelong Rock City", Warped found themselves inspired to write an ode to their home town. Small Town Disease, tells a passionate tale of the trials and tribulations of small town living.

Having played with the likes of Dinosaur Jr, Wayne Kramer, Dick Dale and Fugazi, with a stage show that can (and usually does) involve copious riffage, audience interaction and sweaty satanic hand signals, the lusting rock beast that is Warped are destined to be chiselled into the granite of rock history.

Ben: Guitar, Vocals
Nathan: Bass, Vocals
Cris: Drums
Slimeax CD
...And Then Some CD EP