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Welcome to our Second Hand and Rare stock online - taking in ten or so genres in easy to view listings. For now we do not have a shopping cart facility up and running, so you'll have to resort to the old style cut & paste or scribbling down what you want and emailing.

What you see here is stock we have organised from our vaults (going back to the late 70's) as well as things that are recent. Most of the sections listed will be added to on a weekly basis until we exhaust all available stock we have on hand, so check back each week (we update by Wednesday PM Aust time) to view further additions. A lot of the items listed represent the only copy we have, others we have multiples, so feel free to try your luck. We also welcome your want lists - always have, always will - we like the challenge of trying to find items you toss 'n' turn at nite over, so either email them to us at:

 or you can fax them on:
+61 3 9602-5899
or post to: 
GPO Box 542
Melbourne Vic 3001 Australia.

 We hope you find some gems you've been chasin' & we're here to answer your questions re: condition, picture sleeves, coloured vinyl, etc. Who knows - we may even sing ya a few bars! Thanks!


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Oz/NZ all formats

Oz Punk/New Wave ('76-01)
US New Wave
Beatles/Solo & Related
UK/Euro New Wave/Indie
US/Euro Punk/Hardcore
Sub-Pop/US Guitar Noise/US Indie
Overseas Artists (70s - 01)
1950s - 60s
Party Emergencies!



10"/12" LP listings
Fanzines (1977-2001)
Rare CD's
& much more!

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