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In addition to our on-line 'shopping cart' system, we also accept credit card orders by phone on (03) 9670 0677 any time during shop hours, or by fax on (03) 9602 5899, 24 hours a day. Overseas customers must dial (61 3) before the number.

You can write to us any time with an order and you can pay by credit card (please supply card name number, expiry date, etc.) or by Postal (Money) Order, Bank or Personal Cheque (Australian customers ONLY - allow a few days to clear), Australian cash notes (by registered mail ONLY), International Money Order (in Australian dollars), International Bank Draft (in Australian dollars), Australian US/UK cash notes (by Registered Mail ONLY - check for the current exchange rate).

Australian customers will not be charged a postage fee if an order consists of CDs/ Cassettes ONLY and totals more than $20. Please include a healthy list of alternatives to avoid delaying your order.
You MUST send payment with your order!

To convert your order into Australian dollars, follow the link to
The Universal Currency Converter™.

All orders are processed as soon as possible after we recieve them. Sometimes the availability of some items may delay your order (especially when no alternative choices are listed). You are welcome to write or call anytime to inquire about your order. If we are unable to fulfil an order for a particular item, and no alternatives can be supplied, we will either include a credit note on your invoice, or refund you with a cheque. In the case of credit card orders, we will only charge you for what we send. We try to keep all the catalogue items in stock, but we can't guarantee that we'll have everything in stock all the time. Vinyl releases are particularly prone to deletion at any time, so please list your alternatives!
We accept: * Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, Diner's
* Postal (Money) Orders
* Bank Cheques
* Personal Cheques (allow a few days to clear)
* Australian Cash Notes (by Registered Mail only)
VIC & TASAdd $5 per order
NSW & SAAdd $7 per order
QLD, WA & NTAdd $8.50 per order
(optional & N/A for orders under$75)
We accept: * Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, Diner's
* International Money Orders (in Australian $)
* International Bank Draft (in Australian $)
* Australian Cash Notes (by Registered Mail only)
* US dollar or UK pounds (by Registered Mail only)
To calculate the postage and handling cost for overseas shipment,
follow the three steps below.
Add up the total number of units your order consists of according to the following unit breakdown:
1 x LP/MLP/12"= One (1) Unit
1 x Double LP= Two (2) Units
3 x 7" Singles= One (1) Unit
2 x 10" EP= Two (2) Units
1 Book/Fanzine= One (1) Unit
2 x CDs/CD EPs= One (1) Unit
2 x Cassettes= One (1) Unit
1 x Videotape= Two (2) Units
1 x T-Shirt= One (1) Unit
Double Packaging*= One (1) Unit
* Double Packaging:
We suggest to our customers that orders sent overseas by Surface Mail be double-packaged to insure against damage. In most other cases, it probably isn't necessary (we pack a mean box, lemme tell ya!). To get double packaging, add $2 to your total as well as one unit to your unit total.
Check the table below for the corresponding postage rate. Please keep in mind that postage rates are subject to change without notice.

SURF = surface mail, AIR = air mail, E. AIR = economy air (e. air is not available to Iceland).

19.50 13.2015.00
2-319.00 24.0030.00
4-723.00 33.0045.00
8-1127.00 42.0060.00
12-1531.00 51.0075.00
16-1935.00 60.0090.00
20-2339.00 69.00105.00
@ 4 units4.00 9.0015.00
19.50 12.2014.00
2-319.00 23.0028.00
4-723.00 31.0041.00
8-1127.00 39.0054.00
12-1531.00 47.0067.00
16-1935.00 55.0080.00
20-2339.00 63.0093.00
@ 4 units4.00 8.0013.00
19.50 13.2013.50
2-318.50 21.5025.00
4-722.00 28.0035.00
8-1125.50 34.5045.00
12-1529.00 41.0055.00
16-1932.50 47.5065.00
20-2336.00 54.0075.00
@ 4 units3.50 6.5010.00
19.50 10.0010.50
2-318.50 19.5021.00
4-722.00 24.0027.00
8-1125.50 28.5033.00
12-1529.00 33.0039.00
16-1932.50 37.5045.00
20-2336.50 42.0051.00
@ 4 units3.50 4.506.00
Finally, you need to decide whether or not you want to purchase insurance. We highly recommend it for overseas orders of more than $75.

* For the first $200, add $10 to your total.
* For every $100 after that, add $2 to your total.

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