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30 HOT 7" DEALS (& one 5")!
We get loads of amazing 7"s through the store here, many of which are pressed in numbers of 500 or less and usually do not hang around for long. We believe that YOU, the Music Fan, should be able to access this stuff as easily as you would if you walked into the store (hello interstate & overseas folk!). So what you see below is a mix of brand new singles, held aside specifically for this purpose, as well as a limited number of 'gig giveaway' only releases , and 'older' singles which we've unearthed from our stockroom, on offer while they last. Watch out for our super-rare 7" collectables section coming up soon, with lots of 'museum pieces', priced from $10 to $300 Australian. Dig in!
Obscure spit single issued as a 'singles club' edition for the mighty Tote Hotel in Melb.
Bored do The Damned's 'Born To Kill'.
Boyettes -
"I Got A Guy"
Cool new 4-track 7" from this local all-gal trio, who offer up some great garage trash'n'roll. Inc: sticker! $7
Buck -
"Christmas In My Heart"
SFTRI label 7" - 3 tracks! $5
Bum/Teengenerate -
Split Double 7"
on Canada's Lance Rock label! $4
Chrome Cranks -
Split single of Devo covers! Oz issue, very limited copies available. $9
Cosmic Psychos -
One-sided gig giveaway single from 1989. $7
Cosmic Psychos -
"Whip Me"
Oz picture sleeve w/ 2 'unplugged' cuts! $7
Electric Frankenstein
"Devil Dust"
Picture disc! $10
Even -
"All I Need"
3-track 'Summershine' label 7" of free flight pop. $7
Golden Rough/Love Me -
Split 7"
on Steady Cam - last copies (only 300 hand-numbered made)! $7
Hard Ons/
Celibate Rifles
4-track double 7" from 1991.
Blue/green vinyl.
Humpers -
"Mongrel Train"
Rockin' Spanish 7". Limited copies. $8
Lunachicks -
"Sugar Luv"
4-track double 7" from 1989 in hot sleeve! $10
The Onyas -
"Live For Rejection"
Man's Ruin USA issue 3-tracker on green vinyl! $5
Penthouse -
"Voyeurs Blues"
7" - cool Jesus Lizard-style thud! $6
The Raouls -
"Night Surfer"
1996 7" features Warwick & Chris from Radio Birdman. $8
The Real Kids -
"Now You Know"
Killer Boston burner! Oz issue - super limited! $8
Sleater Kinney -
"Get Up"
B/W: "By The Time You're 25" - 7"! $4
Gig giveaway single from 1996. Last copies! $7
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -
"Get With It"
In The Red label 'Jukebox Series' 7" (ie: no sleeve & with jukebox tag) B/W: Down Low! $6
Spencer P. Jones -
"What's Got Into Him?"
Self-released single featuring Tex Perkins, Brian Hooper, Charlie Owen, etc. + a Blacktop cover. $7
Suicide Squad -
"I Hate School"
Limited (500) 1998 reissue of this 1979 Sydney punker, as heard on 'Murder Punk'. $7
Thurston Howlers -
"Backas Fracus"
4-track Oz single from these swank Sydney garage geezers. $7
Two Litre Dolby -
"The Wrong Compass"
2 fine Sydney indie guitar gems $7
Unit 1174 -
10-track 7" of ragin'Adelaide hardcore. $5
Unit 1174/
Split release (FMD from the USA). $5
Various -
"Two Minute Noodle"
Inc: Nic Dalton, Tim Steward (Screamfeeder), Moler, etc. On 'Blind' Records. 300 hand #'d copies made! $8
Various -
Spunk zine & 7"
7"-sized indie fanzine from Sydney with hours of reading (Tortoise, Aerial, Pavement, The Avalanches, etc.) + a great 7" EP w/ BL Stryker (Brendan from Sandpit), Cat Power (prev. unreleased), Built To Spill (prev. unreleased) & Scud Mountain Boys (prev. unreleased) Top stuff! $12
Zen Guerillas -
"Mama's Little Rocket"
Cool 5" picture disc - last copies we have! $9

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